Weekly Creative Programs

Designed to appeal to the older adult population, our free weekly programs provide a welcoming and inspiring environment to engage with the arts through movement, painting, fiber arts, textiles, paper crafts, and other visual arts programs. Our programs promote positive aging, reduce isolation, encourage personal growth and well-being, and foster social connections.


Public Programs

During each exhibition, Ruth’s Table hosts a series of artist-run workshops, talks and gallery events.

Our public programs encourage visitors to learn more or engage in hands-on exploration of key themes, ideas, and techniques from the exhibition on view.


Community Initiatives

We work with services providers, local nonprofits, and community groups on teacher exchange and parallel programming. From program partnerships to public-facing events, our projects aim to promote inclusivity, visibility and positive images of older adults and adults of all abilities in our community.


Intergenerational Programs

With cross-genenerational exchange in the heart of our program, we encourage people of all ages to learn, play and make together. We actively collaborate with local schools and universities on cross-curricular projects, storytelling projects and student-led programming.


Gallery Takeover

Gallery Takeovers are a series of exhibitions that display the resulting works created through our art-making programs at RT and partner communities.

These interactive exhibitions serve as a platform for every participant, regardless of their age or level of abilities, to create, share, and connect through making, viewing and discussing art.

Check back for more information about the upcoming show.