Ruth's Table depends on our vast community of supporters who help us provide a safe, inclusive and inspiring place for families of all ages and abilities to engage with the arts and build mutually beneficial connections.

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Sponsor RT10 Anniversary

Ruth’s Table is turning 10! Join our growing family of supporters by supporting our RT10 celebration your way!

We welcome support through Event Sponsorship, In-Kind Goods and Services or by one-time tax-deductible gift at any level. Learn more here or connect with our team.


Make a Donation

Every workshop requires materials, staff, preparation and other administrative costs to keep the project running. Our programs are either free or affordable and we’d like to keep it this way!

Your contribution - no matter the level of giving - will help keep our programs accessible to everyone in our community.


Become a Volunteer

We appreciate volunteers that contribute their time and talent to support Ruth’s Table. We could not operate our workshops and events without them.

We welcome volunteers of all ages and abilities to share their love for arts and community. For more information, please reach out to us at

Art is for everybody. I like to include people who haven’t yet developed their creative side—people yearning to let their creativity out. I like designing projects that make people feel safe, not afraid to get involved.
— Ruth Asawa