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We live in a society which often consumes and disposes of objects without much thought. Creative Mending is a workshop that explores textile repair, how you do it and why you do it.

Led by artist Irene Carvajal, the workshop takes inspiration from the Kintsugi technique, a Japanese art form that aims to visibly incorporate the repair into the broken piece instead of disguising it, giving it a new life and enhancing the break lines with mending. Participants will learn mending technique and repair well-loved fabrics with patches and hand sewn darning.

Please bring along as many damaged garments that you would like to mend and any favorite yarns or fabrics. A supply of yarns, threads, tools for repair, and drawing materials will be provided.

No previous darning, drawing, knitting, needle-based experience is necessary.

Participants are invited to leave one of their pieces for an exhibit at Ruth’s Table gallery in September. The item will be returned to you in October and you can wear a work of art.


This events is happening in conjunction with Beyond the Warp and Weft.